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Adoption 101: The Missouri Adoption Process

What do I need to know about adoption services in Missouri as a birth mother? I am pregnant and need adoption help. What can I do? I am seeking to place my child for adoption in MO. What are adoption resources available to me? If you are pregnant and considering adoption, Adoption Choices of Missouri is ready to help you to plan the future you envision for you and your child. Adoption in MO involves the extensive planning of the Missouri adoption process, which ensures your comfort first in providing you with safe housing, financial resources through food stamps, and ensuring you are in good health. 

How to Make Sure Birth Mothers are Comfortable in MO

Pregnant adoption help in MO includes making sure that all our birth mothers go back to comfortable homes, and we encourage birth mothers to do everything to make sure their homes are safe spaces. In addition, we want you to make sure you get enough rest and also have time to de-stress. We do not want anything to negatively impact you during the adoption process, so we provide you with the resources necessary to ensure this is the case.

We provide safe housing for birth mothers who need it and financial resources through food stamps because we will not allow a birth mother to be stressed during the adoption process. After all, planning is such an important part of the process. Also, after the adoption, we keep in touch with birth mothers to ensure they are okay. 

Diet and exercise are another important part of keeping birth mothers comfortable because we want you to have a healthy pregnancy. Diet and exercise increase your chances of remaining in good health during your pregnancy. 

The Adoption Plan in Missouri

The adoption plan is a part of an extensive process to allow you to place your child with a birth family of your choice and ensure that you choose an adoptive type that benefits you. There are three adoption types: open, semi-open, and closed adoption. Each one provides something different depending on what the birth mother is looking for, as open and semi-open adoption include having access to adoptive parents and child but closed adoption means not having any access at all. Personal documents of the birth mother are also shared in an open adoption and may in a semi-open adoption. But, of course, in a closed adoption, no documents are shared.

Each adoption type offers something different, and this is also true for the adoptive families chosen, as there are a large group of adoptive families with different makeups, and each one will provide something beneficial. It will depend on the needs of the birth mother. There are adoptive families that are LGBTQ+, faith-based, traditional, or single-parent families. It is up to you what you choose.

After Delivery Plans in Missouri

Adoption Choices of Missouri does not forget about you once you have delivered your baby and the adoption has been finalized because we care about birth mothers in Missouri and want the best for you. We ensure that you still have access to adoption resources through our adoption counselors, who will contact you, and who you can contact with any questions you have as well.

We want you to know we care and are involved in the adoption process and aftercare. Regardless of which adoption type you choose, we will still check up on you to build your future.

Is Giving My Baby Up For Adoption Worth It?

Adoption Choices of Missouri is about providing birth mothers with the right amount of care needed to have a successful adoption process, and we ensure that you are aware of all the long-term planning that should occur because we want you to know that placing your baby for adoption is worth it. We guide you through the process to ensure you are comfortable, not stressed, and happy with all of the decisions you are making.

We want to help you build towards the future you envision for you and your child and provide you with the aftercare necessary to have a successful adoption journey. With all the choices you have, you will be secure in whatever decision you make between adoption choices and adoption types.

If you are interested in beginning the adoption process, please reach out to Adoption Choices of Missouri to help you. We want the best for you, and we can’t wait to meet you. 

Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond, please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll-free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri call or text us at 816-527-9800

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