A Modern Approach to Placing Your Child For Adoption

By Bonnie Wakefield

When you find yourself facing an unplanned pregnancy, you may think there are no other options. However, choosing adoption is always a good answer to consider. “Giving” your child up for adoption is not synonymous with giving up on them. Adoption is a life-changing process that benefits all those involved. These days, the adoption process has become more modern, and birth parents truly have a say in what happens.

At the start of this transformative journey is Adoption Choices of Missouri. Our adoption agency is dedicated to providing love and support to those in need. We are committed to helping women find hope. With our modern approach to adoption in Missouri, you’ll be glad you chose us.

The Modern Adoption Process in Missouri

Modern adoption process means that the birth mother creates the adoption plan. Times are changing, and birth mothers are able to be in control. Birth parents are still able to have contact with their baby and the adoptive parents if they choose so. The beautiful thing about the modern adoption approach is that no two plans are the same. There are three different types of adoptions birth mothers can consider:

Open Adoption: In open adoption, birth parents have the opportunity to maintain a level of contact and communication with the adoptive family. Birth parents and adoptive families are able to stay connected throughout pregnancy, birth, and post-placement. 

As the birth mother, you should know that there are different degrees of openness after the adoption process is completed. You can choose to keep contact by exchanging emails, pictures, and phone calls. Or you can decide to be fully open, which will include in-person visits. With fully open-adoptions, extended family members can also be included in these visits. It’s great to keep an open-mind and a clear line of communication with the adoptive parents during open adoption.

Closed Adoption: With closed adoption, the birth mother and adoptive family never meet. The two parties know very little about each other. Closed adoptions allow for Adoption Choices of Missouri to choose the adoptive family for the child.

Semi-Open Adoption: This type of adoption occupies the middle ground between open and closed adoption. In most cases, non-identifying information is shared between the birth mother and adoptive family. However, the birth mother can receive photos and emails, but it’s usually through a third party, like the adoption agency. Overall, the child usually doesn’t have direct communication with the birth parent.

Adoption Resources

Adoption Choices of Missouri understands the complexities of the adoption journey and offers a range of resources to support you.

Counseling and Support: We know that placing your child for adoption is a difficult decision. There are so many emotions that you could be feeling at any given time. Adoption Choices of Missouri is here to walk you through them. We care about you and offer a compassionate Birth Parent Counselor to be by your side. We ensure that the Birth Parent Counselor provides you the comfort and emotional support needed. Even through post-placement, we are still here.

Medical Care: Access to prenatal care is essential for an expectant mother. We make sure that you apply for Medicaid and receive the medical care necessary throughout your pregnancy.

Safe Housing: Birth mothers require adequate housing and a safe place to sleep. If you don’t have that option, Adoption Choices of Missouri can assist you with finding proper housing. Having a safe home gives the birth mother a solid foundation to rest easy and not be under stressful circumstances.

Financial Support: We know that an unplanned pregnancy can affect your financial situation. There tends to be more expenses than you would think. We assist you with financial support, such as ongoing grocery expenses and more.

Benefits of Choosing Adoption in Missouri

The benefits of adoption for both children and birth parents are wonderful. For children (adoptees), it offers a pathway to stability and security. They are able to receive a loving and supportive family that will foster growth and development. Adoptive families open their hearts to the children they receive and love them as their own.

On the other hand, birth parents also experience positive results through adoption. You gain the empowerment to choose a family that aligns with your aspirations for your child. This choice ensures a future filled with love and opportunity for the adoptee. Additionally, you receive ongoing support and resources from Adoption Choices of MIssouri. You get to continue your life knowing that your child is in a safe place.

If you’re considering adoption, begin your search with “adoption agencies near me” to explore local options. Adoption Choices of Missouri is available to you if you’re considering adoption in Missouri. 

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