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8 Different Types Birth MothersWhat You Should Know as a Birth Mother  

Experiencing an unplanned pregnancy as a birth mother can be an overwhelming experience. Whether you be a young teen mom or a second-time mother, it can still be challenging. However, no matter what stage you’re at in your life, you don’t need to feel ashamed, guilty or alone in your choices. Life often throws us unavoidable circumstances beyond our control. 

At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we are here to support you. We work with birth mothers from all walks of life and will not turn you away. Choosing to place your baby for adoption is an amazing adoption, and we will be here to help you in any way we can every step of the way. 

Different Types of Birth Mothers:

  1. Married – Perhaps you are married to your partner or spouse and living happily together. Yet, just because you are married does not mean you can’t choose adoption for your child. Whether it’s that you and your partner or spouse are not financially stable, already parenting children or just don’t see yourselves having children at all, adoption is still an option for you and your child. 


  1. Single – Going through a pregnancy alone can be stressful, especially if you have no support, but you are never alone finding the right support system. Through our adoption agency, you will have your adoption caseworker and other professionals to help you navigate your adoption journey. You can also reach to trusted friends and family members to be there for you in the good times and bad. From pregnancy to post placement, you will have the guidance and support you need by your side every step of the way. 


  1. Addicted – Struggling with an addiction can be a hard habit to break. This can cause you to feel nervous, lonely or scared. Throw in an unexpected  pregnancy into the mix, and this could leave you feeling a whirlwind of emotions. Yet, adoption is still an option for you. Adoption Choices of Missouri can help you find safe, temporary housing for your pregnancy and assist with court-approved birth mother expenses. 


  1. Military – As a military birth mother, you might be on active duty overseas or on leave. But, wherever you are stationed, if you are unable to raise and support a child while serving your country, you can still choose adoption for you and your baby. You will receive the support and care that you need, even as a military birth mother.


  1. Teen – Experiencing an unplanned pregnancy in your teens can turn your world inside out. You may feel overwhelmed with emotion, sacred and worried. Perhaps you don’t have anyone you can turn to or have the support of your parents or friends. Adoption is still an option for you. With the constant support from our adoption professionals and counselors, you will have all the encouragement and comfort you need to have a positive and empowering adoption journey. 


  1. Professional – As a career-driven birth mother, you may not have the time or mindset needed to focus on being a mother at this time. This is okay! You can make the decision to place your baby for adoption. You can still reach your career goals, establish a relationship with your child through an open adoption plan and feel accomplished in your life goals all at the same time. 


  1. Incarcerated – If you are facing jail time, or are already serving your sentence, an unplanned pregnancy can throw a wrench into things. You know that you are unable to raise your child and give him or her the life they deserve while you are imprisoned. You also don’t want them going into the foster care system. As a birth mother, you want to know that they have found a stable and loving family, who will give them their best chance at life. With this in mind, you can choose adoption. 


  1. Survivor of Sexual Assault/Rape – If you have been the victim or sexual assault, rape or another form of abuse and become unexpectedly pregnant through it, deciding what to do can feel overwhelming. You may feel shame and guilt, but this is completely natural. You’ve been through a traumatic experience, and you’re not alone. If you don’t feel ready to raise your child, or don’t want to parent at all, our Birth Parent Counselors are here to help get you through the tough moments. We will walk alongside you down the adoption road to a place of healing, acceptance and an abundance of love.

Advice for You as a Birth Mother 

No matter what category you fall into, at Adoption Choices of Missouri, we will never turn you away. We work with all different types of birth mothers and feel blessed by each and every one. When you place your baby for adoption through our agency, you will have constant care, support and guidance throughout your adoption journey. From start to finish, you will never feel alone! We will ensure that you have the most positive and empowering adoption journey possible. 

Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond, please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri call or text us at 1-816-527-9800

Meet the Author: Samara Wiley is a published author of poetry, essays, and an environmental children’s storybook called, Waiting for the Water Fairy. She graduated from Benedictine University in 2018 with a double Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and French.She has been published in three small poetry anthologies one was called Talented.

Her other writing accomplishments include: winning a high school poetry competition and $2500 for her high school, having two out of her five novels be considered for publication and writing movie critic reviews for her university’s newsletter. 

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