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5 Reasons an Adoptive Family in Missouri May Not Want to Adopt My Baby Adoptions

As a birth mother, there may be many challenges surrounding your Missouri adoption process, but one problem you may not have expected as a birth mother is if an adoptive family in Missouri doesn’t want to adopt your birth child. Now, this may be due to many circumstances like health issues. Choosing your adoptive parents is such a big step that you must take and consider the important things like your values, interests and see if they match up. Now, sometimes adoptive parents don’t match up with your child. We at Adoption Choices of Missouri have listed the five reasons that adoptive parents may be hesitant to adopt their baby.

 1.Medical Health

Before choosing your child’s adoptive parents, you should talk to them to make sure they know your child’s condition openly and what to expect. Now, telling them may turn them off to adopting your child, but don’t worry, the right parents who will accept this challenge to parent a child with health issues will learn to care for your child and love them unconditionally.


2.Mental Health

You may have a baby with special needs, which is perfectly okay, but some parents are not equipped to handle their daily life struggles. If you have a child with special needs, know that they will get a chance at a better life; it might just take you a bit longer to find their right adoptive parents that will allow them to gain such opportunities that you could not give them.


3.Older Adoptive Parents

Choosing older adoptive parents may have many advantages like financial stability. At the same time, this could also be a setback as older parents may not want to start from the beginning of life with raising a child. On the contrary, some older parents may be happy to get a child at any age to embrace parenthood at every stage of life fully. Although older parents may be mature, they may not share your worldview, which is also another reason they may not choose to raise your child as their views differ from yours, but that is okay.


4.Younger Adoptive Parents

Maybe you decide that older parents do not fit the wants and needs of your baby. Younger parents in their late 20’s early 30’s may be more adventurous and parent in a non-traditional way. However, some patients may still act immaturely or may not have the time not fully to commit to taking care of a newborn. Whatever the reason they decline to become your birth child’s parents, know that it has nothing to do with you, but maybe they would feel better prepared with a slightly older child like a toddler.

5. A Different Culture

Some adoptive parents may want a baby of the same ethnicity to make it easier for the child to transition and adjust to life as they grow up. For example, an Indian couple may want a baby that closely resembles their ethnicity. It may be easier to raise them as their own because you and the adoptive parents come from the background and have a common understanding. Now, this is not usually the case, but sometimes this may occur.

What Birth Mothers Should Need to Know About an Adoptive Family in Missouri

As a birth mother, there may be some reason that an adoptive family in Missouri may not pick your child and the match is unsuccessful between you and them, and that’s okay. Remember, no matter the reason, your baby will find their adoptive parents and gain a family that will provide them with care and love.

Advice for Birth Mothers

As a birth mother, who might be going through this, another important thing to remember is not your fault. We at Adoption Choices of Missouri will help you pick out the parents that fit your baby. Your baby is beautiful and deserves a great home; it might just take a little time for you to find your parents. Don’t stress about this because your child will find the adoptive parents they are meant to have. Remember, your choice of adoption may not always be a smooth road to travel. But you will have our help along the way; at our Missouri adoption agency, Adoption Choices of Missouri, we know the obstacles you face are worth having your child find their caring parents.

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