5 Positive Ways Adoption in Missouri Impacts Birth Mothers

As a birth mother, you have gone through your pregnancy journey and have chosen the beautiful but hard choice of choosing adoption. As a birth mother, you will gain such love from your child and your child’s adoptive family as you go through the Missouri adoption process. You may not know how your adoption story will unfold or all the small joyful moments that will come along on this journey. Now, at Adoption Choices of Missouri, we have listed the five positive ways that adoption will impact you as a birth mother. Know that adoption isn’t a sad decision but a heartwarming decision with positive benefits.

1. You will be a part of your Birth Child’s Life

As a birth mother, you will always be a part of your birth child’s life; the option of open adoption will allow you to be a part of the special moments your child will have as they grow up, like school events. Now, if you live close or even you live far, you will still be able to bond with your child via video message or phone calls.

No matter your chosen adoption route, you will always have a connection to your birth child.

2. You will not have to Struggle to Take Care of Your Child

Being a birth mother means that you will not have to struggle taking care of your child. This might cause you some relief as you know that you are not ready to be a parent at this time in your life. You will be able to pick a caring family that you will entrust with your child. By placing your birth child up for adoption, he or she might get to experience the many opportunities you want for your child, for example, going on an extravagant vacation. The joys of life that your child might experience will make you feel unbelievably relieved and happy. 

3. You will get to Create Special Memories

As you move through your adoption journey as a birth parent, you might get to make special memories for yourself and your child. You might be able to create adoption-related ornaments with your child to document their birth or the day of your visit with them. You might also be able to take pictures with them and create a scrapbook that details your photos or letters to and from your child. Whichever way you choose to share the joy of your choice of adoption with your child might be filled with love and happiness.

4. You will Get a Second Mother’s Day

As a birth mother, you get a special holiday dedicated to you for your selfless decision to choose adoption. This mother’s day happens on the second Saturday before mother’s day. This holiday celebrates the joy and love you have for your child; it also makes you feel important and appreciated as a mother. This holiday might make you feel special as you are an important piece of your child’s life, and you deserve to feel that way, as you are a birth mother, always and forever.

5. You will Get to Share Your Adoption Story

As a birth mother, you may get the chance to share your adoption story with other pregnant women and potential birth mothers. Sharing your personal story of the joys and growth your adoption journey has brought you might highlight why choosing adoption is such a great decision. For you, adoption may have let you experience the joy of motherhood for a second time later in your life; you might get to experience a passion of yours that you could not before, the life opportunities that will be open to you are endless, your adoption story is just beginning, and, it might forever be changing for the better.

Positive Advice for Birth Mothers

Being a birth mother means you might experience the joys of adoption and the important role you have in your birth child’s life. Being a birth mother can change your life in unexpected joyful ways. There are so many positives to adoption that will be good for your child, your child’s adoptive parents, and you. As a birth mother, consider these mentioned above positives and others as a way to remember why you made this beautiful decision.

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