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5 Frequently Asked Questions to ask a Missouri Birth Father

 As a birth father, you may be wondering what questions your birth child may have for you as you go through this adoption journey with your child’s birth mother. Choosing adoption for your child is such a great option for birth parents as you are choosing a great family for your child. At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we have listed the five frequently asked questions that your child might have for you as a birth father.

  1. Did You Agree on the Choice of Adoption with my Birth Mother?

This question may come with a lot of emotions, as this is a hard question to answer. Considering the option of adoption, you may feel uneasy with this decision or may feel like this decision is hard to accept at that moment in time. However difficult this choice might be, it is also such a beautiful choice to give your child a chance at a better life, and you and your child’s birth mother did not come to that decision lightly.

  1. Are you and my Birth Mother still Together?

Answering this question might take some time to explain to your birth child. Maybe your relationship was complicated with the birth mother, or you both were too young to be parents. However, whatever the reason, know that you, as a birth father, may have to explain this to your child someday. Being honest with your child will let them know how loved they are despite their parents maybe being together.

  1. Do I have any Birth Siblings?

Answering this question might bring mixed feelings, but your child might be curious about their biological sibling as a birth father. Understanding your child’s curiosity is so important because they may want to meet the family that they look like and to bond with their siblings as they grow older. Letting your child find their birth siblings may make them happy to have a piece of their biological family close. 

  1. How Do You Feel About Adoption as a Whole?

This can be a loaded question as your feelings may have changed throughout your adoption process, pre and post-placement. As a birth father, answering this question will help your child understand how important your decision to place them up for adoption was and how you may feel different or the same depending on their adoption journey. Even after a yea,r s your adoption choice may not be understood by everyone. However, making sure your child knows your honest feelings on their adoption will allow for a closer bond through open communication and sharing your adoption story. 

  1. Do You Have Any Life Advice for Your Birth Child?

Having fatherly advice might be important to share with your child as they grow older, to help them get through the many life challenges they may experience. Having you be a part of their life is important so that they feel supported. You might have many things that you may want to say to them, like “Remember to do your best in everything you do.” Saying simple phrases like this will let your child know that they are loved and that they matter. Sharing some advice as your child grows and asks more questions about their adoption will make your child feel like they can lean on you as a part of their parenting support system. Your birth child will feel valued, not so alone in the world, as they navigate it. Life lessons will help them become a more well-rounded individual.

Advice Given to Missouri Birth Fathers During the Adoption Process

Adoption is a great choice, and if you a birth father are choosing adoption in Missouri then our agency is right for you. Being a birth father that is so involved is so important as a birth father, speaking with your birth child will let your child know how loved they are and understand that some birth fathers may not be supportive. However, that you as a birth father can help others understand how having a father in their life is such an important role model for your birth child. We at Adoption Choices of Missouri are here to let you know that you will have our support and non-judgmental ears as you go through your adoption journey because you deserve the kindness and support as a birth father.

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