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4 Things People Get Wrong about Birth Fathers

By Alex Reza

There are many misconceptions about birth fathers, which can give an altered view of their involvement in the adoption process. As a birth mother, you may think that the father of your child will have minimal involvement, but this is not always true. It is important for you to understand that every birth father and adoption is unique. Adoption Choices of Missouri is here to answer any questions or concerns about the biological father’s involvement in this process.

We have listed four common misconceptions about birth fathers, so you are aware of these mistaken beliefs. For example, the birth father is not as important as you; he is not involved in the adoption process; he does not wish to stay in contact with his child and does not need therapy or support. While these assumptions can be true, it is not always the case. Understanding the birth father’s role in the adoption plan can positively impact your adoption journey.

1. Compared to the birth mother, the birth father is not as important

In the adoption process, the focus is generally on the birth mother, and many think the birth father’s role is not that important. Although you will have more control over the decision-making process when implementing an adoption plan, the birth father is still significant and has a role to play. Adoption in Missouri must go through a legal process, and the biological father gets the same rights as you.

Missouri laws are designed to protect your rights and the birth father’s rights. To place a child for adoption in Missouri, consent is required by both birth parents. Therefore, the birth father’s interests in your child’s well-being are just as important as yours. Your local adoption agency can guide you through these complex legal issues, so you are fully aware of the process.

2. Birth fathers in Missouri are not part of the adoption process

Birth fathers in Missouri are stereotypically viewed as not being involved in the adoption of their children. While this may be the case depending on your relationship with the biological father, it is not always true. It may just be a matter of the birth father being unaware of his role in the adoption process. It is important for you to understand that a Missouri adoption must be completed with the birth father’s consent.

Even though there are birth fathers who do not want to participate in the adoption process, many want to be involved. Adoption agencies in Missouri can help the birth father understand that his participation is very important. An excellent way for the birth father to be more involved is by working with you to create an adoption plan. If you do this together, then not only can he help you select the adoptive family, but the process can be easier, and with his support, it can run more smoothly. The birth father can be a great partner in this process to ensure that both you and the baby are happy and healthy.

3. The birth father does not want a relationship with your child after the adoption takes place

Another common misconception is that birth fathers do not want to maintain a relationship with their child. However, this is only true if you both choose a closed adoption. If you pursue an open adoption, you and the birth father can be involved in the child’s life after the adoption.

Of course, this must be coordinated with the adoptive family, and their wishes must be considered. If you complete a semi-open adoption, you and the birth father can receive photos and letters from the adoptive family through the agency. For many birth parents, giving a baby up for adoption is an emotional process. Staying somewhat connected to your child can help you, and the birth father overcomes the difficult emotions you may face.

4. Birth fathers do not need the same support as birth mothers

Adoption is an emotional process, not only for you but for the birth father as well. It is a common misconception that birth fathers do not need therapy or emotional support. This is often not true because the birth father can also experience feelings of loss and grief. Some birth fathers feel it is a sign of weakness to seek emotional support. However, in many cases, biological fathers that seek emotional support feel better about the adoption of their child.

Adoption Choices of Missouri can provide therapy and other services to you and the birth father to help you get past these feelings. We know that giving a baby up for adoption is difficult for both parents, and we want to help you both feel the joy of knowing that your child will be safe and happy with their adoptive family.

The misconceptions surrounding birth fathers do not accurately represent their role in the process, and it is important for you to understand the truth instead of relying on mistaken beliefs. If you are pregnant, considering adoption, and seeking information on the process, your local adoption agency can assist you. Click on this link to locate the adoption agencies near me. They are available to help you throughout this important journey.

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