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3 Ways to Communicate in a Semi-Open Adoption 

If you are a birth mother in Missouri and have chosen to have a , you might be thinking about what your communication with your birth child will look like. What are the ways to communicate in semi-open adoption? This depends on your own situation, but there are a few communication options to choose from in a semi-open adoption.

The methods of communication in a semi-open adoption may be similar to that of an open adoption, however there is one major difference. The identity of both parties, you and the adoptive family, is not revealed to each other. Instead, a third party, such as Adoption Choices of Missouri or ChildConnect, facilitates all the communication. In this way, you can still see your birth child grow older, but you can maintain a sense of privacy as well.

  • Communicate with Your Birth Child through Email

One common way to communicate with your birth child post placement is through email. Sending emails can be a great way to share information or receive big life updates. Because it is so easy and quick, it can be a simple way to relay important news or smaller information.

If writing an email feels intimidating, try drafting a few versions before sending your final copy. Try and keep your birth child at the front of your mind as you write. Remember, this is not an outlet for you to work through any complicated emotions related to your adoption. Rather, it is a place for you to connect with your birth child in a healthy way. If you do need an adoption professional to talk to, Adoption Choices of Missouri provides counseling services before, during and post adoption.

  • Communicate with Your Birth Child by Sharing Photos

Another great way to communicate with your birth child in a semi-open adoption is by sharing important photos. Because you won’t be meeting with your birth child face to face, sharing photographs can provide a way to remain involved in all the growth he or she will experience.

You can also share photos from your own life as well. If you’d like your birth child to learn more about your extended family or the places you’ve visited, you can provide pictures. Remember to choose positive memories to share whenever possible. Your goal is to provide your birth child with an understanding of who you are and maintain a healthy and fulfilling connection.

  • Communicate with Your Birth Child via Letter

Writing letters can be a positive way to communicate with your birth child. While emails are a great option, a physical letter can hold a lot of meaning. It allows for the recipient to keep the letter, almost like a gift. A letter can also be a helpful way of expressing big emotions or thoughts that might be difficult to express otherwise.

If you’re not sure what to include in your letter, you can brainstorm different ideas in a list or make an outline before you begin. One of the great things about a letter is that you can always revise it until you feel it accurately captures all you’re hoping to share. While you’re brainstorming, you might think about expressing your feelings of love or affection for your birth child, updating them on important life events or telling a story from your past that will provide insight into your personality.

Begin Your Semi-Open Adoption Communication Plan 

Taking some time to think about the different ways to communicate in a semi-open adoption can help you decide which are best for you. You can choose to communicate in all these ways or choose a few that feel best for you.

At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we will match you with an adoption caseworker who can walk you through the nuances of communication in a semi-open adoption. We understand the importance of keeping your information private while simultaneously creating a healthy connection with your birth child. Our goal is to make your semi-open adoption as comfortable and communicative as you’d like.

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