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3 Tips for Making Your Adoption Plan in Missouri

Are you a birth mother in Missouri? If so, you are probably getting ready to create your adoption plan. Just like any kind of plan, an adoption plan helps eliminate surprises as you continue along your adoption path. It serves as a guide and can help you prepare for some of the difficult decisions you will need to make.

While it might seem intimidating to come up with an adoption plan of your own, you have plenty of support available! At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we’ll match you with an adoption caseworker who will be there to address any questions or concerns. While each individual adoption plan is unique, there are a couple of important areas to consider when making your adoption plan in Missouri.

1. What Type of Adoption Do You Want?

One of the biggest decisions that you will face is deciding on the type of adoption that you wish to have. You will have the option to choose from a closed, semi-closed or open adoption. Your adoption counselor can walk you through each choice and answer any questions you may have.

It is important to remember that this decision will be based on what feels right to you. Your adoption journey is individual to you. While others can help you talk through each option, trust yourself as you make your final choice. Each type of adoption has its own benefits and the one that feels right to you is the correct choice.

2. What Values would You Prefer Your Child’s Adoptive Family to Share?

Another decision that you will include in your adoption plan is information around your child’s potential adoptive family. You will have the opportunity to browse our extensive portfolios of possible adoptive families for your child. While it is wonderful to have so many choices, it can also be a little overwhelming. Outlining some factors that are important to you and which you’d like your child’s adoptive family to share can be a good place to start.

What factors might you take note of? Anything that is personal and valuable to you. If you are religious and would like your child’s adoptive family to share this aspect of life with your child, you can include that information in your adoption plan. Maybe it is important that your child’s adoptive family share a cultural background with you and your child. Your adoption plan is the place to write down this information. However, try to be open-minded whenever possible. If you find an adoptive family who feels like a great fit but they don’t match one of your criteria, you might want to consider them anyway.

3. What will Your Hospital Stay Look Like? 

There are a lot of details to consider about your delivery day. You will need to plan what hospital you are going to give birth in, as well as choose your doctor. You’ll also want to make arrangements for what you’d like to have happen as soon as your baby is born. Make a list of the people you’d like in the delivery room with you, and whether that includes your child’s adoptive family. Additionally, you can decide if you’d like to hold your baby post delivery. Planning out your hospital stay will ensure that you have an idea of what to expect and can feel safe and prepared.

Are You Ready to Begin Making Your Adoption Plan in Missouri?

The important thing to remember if you are making your adoption plan in Missouri is that you are not alone. You can turn to supportive friends or family for help. Your adoption caseworker will also be by your side to guide you through the adoption planning process.

At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we want your adoption journey to be as smooth and comfortable as possible. If you have any further questions about what to include in your adoption plan, feel free to contact us and our staff will be happy to help. If you feel ready to make your adoption plan, reach out to your adoption caseworker to get started as soon as possible.

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