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Birth Mother Support Groups in Missouri and Adoption Agency Support Post-Placement

Birth Mother Support Groups in Missouri and Adoption Agency Support Post-Placement

By Nicole Cunningham


Adoption Choices of Missouri wants to make sure that our birth mothers are taken care of. We know that adoption in Missouri is a difficult process for birth mothers to go through, especially if you have an unplanned pregnancy. It doesn’t matter if it is during the process or post-placement. We want our birth mothers to be as comfortable through the process as they can be. Our top priority is that their mental health and well-being are being taken care of. We offer birth mother support groups and post-placement support through our agency. 

Birth Mother Support Group and Benefits 

A Birth mother support group is a group of birth mothers who have placed their children in adoption that get together to talk through hard conversations and feelings with one another. They are there to help each other get through and understand their feelings. It is in place to help each other know they are not alone through the adoption process. This is a great way to show that their feelings are valid, no matter what those feelings are. They can work together to work through their stresses. These are other mothers who have been in similar situations as each other and can understand better what the other birth mothers are going through. 

The benefits for birth mother support groups:

  • Group of mothers who share similar experiences
  • Safe space to express their feelings 
  • Connecting and creating friendships 

Adoption Agency Post-Placement Support and Benefits

Adoption Choices of Missouri has adoption post-placement support services along with the services that we offer during the adoption plan. When you contact our adoption agency, we will be able to go into full detail with you about any benefits we offer to birth mothers. 

  • Free counseling 
    • Our top priority is your mental health. We offer you free counseling during and post-placement support that is of no cost to you. 
  • Financial Assistance
    • The need for financial assistance doesn’t always end right after you give birth in the hospital but can be post-placement as well. If you qualify for financial assistance, we could be able to help you after. 

Challenges and Concerns Surrounding Adoption Birth Mother Support Groups

There can be challenges and concerns that surround birth mother support groups. Support groups are not always for everyone. Birth mothers who wouldn’t want to talk with others can always do one-on-one counseling with one of our counselors. However, the support groups are there to help you through a tough time. Sometimes, we feel like we can handle our emotions and not talk to anyone. Just get by telling everyone you’re fine when you may not be.

We know that it can be difficult to talk to someone else, let alone people you don’t know. But these support groups are a safe space for you to express your feelings. When you don’t have to try to be strong, you can let go and know that everyone in that group has been through a very similar situation as you. They can understand what you are going through and know how hard it is to decide it’s time to talk to others. 

Getting Connected with a Birth Mother Support Group

If you want to get connected with a support group in Missouri or access post-placement support services. The best way would be to get in touch with our agency, Adoption Choices of Missouri. One of our agents would be able to walk you through the process and get you set up with one of our support groups that are near you. 

After you get connected with one of our agents, they will be able to get you all the resources and help that is available to you. As the birth mother, you are our main concern. We want to make sure all of your mental, financial, and emotional needs are met. We want you to know all the options that our adoption agencies near you offer and all of the resources you can access. These resources are there to help make sure that the adoption process, during and after, creates an easier transition for you. 

We at Adoption Choices of Missouri, or adopcion de bebes, are here to help you with any questions or concerns you have regarding support groups or post-placement support. Please feel free to reach out to us.

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Having a Baby After Placing One for Adoption in Missouri

Having a Baby After Placing One for Adoption in Missouri

By Nicholas Rodinos


Many birth mothers wonder if they can have a family after placing a baby for adoption. Of course, you can, however, there are challenges you may face. There may be psychological and familial obstacles. However, there are adoption agencies nearby that can assist you.

Adoption Choices of Missouri can assist you on your adoption journey and answer any adoption questions you have. Our adoption agencies will be by your side at every step of the adoption process. We will always put your psychological and emotional needs first while helping in your time of need. You may be eligible for financial support, as well as housing, transportation, rent, and utilities.

Can I Have a Baby After Placing One for Adoption?

Yes, many birth mothers form families after placing children for adoption; however, there are concerns that should be addressed. It can be important to address and acknowledge why you sought out the Missouri adoption process. Acknowledging your reason for adoption can be therapeutic and often helps birth mothers come to terms with the decision. Adoption agencies are sympathetic to birth mothers in crisis, they understand your reasons for placing your child for adoption.

Reasons For Adoption

Birth mothers choose adoption for a variety of important reasons, including:

  • The birth mothers are finishing their education, or focusing on their career, and raising a child could jeopardize that.
  • They’re simply not ready to raise children and need time to learn.
  • Birth mothers might not be in the right financial, mental, or emotional place to care for children right now.
  • The birth mothers feel someone else would be better suited for raising their children.
  • They’re in a relationship with someone they don’t feel is suitable for children.
  • The birth mother was surprised by an unplanned pregnancy or a teenage pregnancy.
  • Some birth mothers live in unsafe homes for children.

There are many valid reasons why birth mothers choose to place their children for adoption in Missouri. Some birth mothers choose adoption because of financial reasons, some for safety, and others were not ready for motherhood. No matter what the reason, adoption agencies are here to help you find a loving home for your child.

How Will My Birth Child Feel After the Adoption?

Some birth mothers worry their birth children will resent them for placing them for adoption, this is rare. Many birth children learn about their birth mothers and come to understand the reasons for placing them for adoption. These children tend to recognize that their birth mothers sought out adoption agencies for important reasons, whatever they are. Most birth children recognize that you and Missouri adoption agencies are responsible for providing them with loving adoptive parents.

Emotional Factors to Consider After Adoption

Guilt, regret, and post-adoption grief can be common in birth mothers building families after placing a child for adoption. It can be essential to seek out post-adoption counseling so that you can process feelings of grief or guilt. A Missouri adoption counselor will help you discuss and process your pain and create an effective coping mechanism. Adoption agencies near you can provide you with emotional support and guidance on how to grapple with post-adoption pain. 

What If My Loved Ones Disagree with The Adoption?

This is a difficult decision, but remember that your happiness and health are the top priorities when adopting. Remember that you made a sacrifice to give your child a loving, safe home with amazing adoptive parents. Some people don’t understand adoption in Missouri or your needs/reasons for placing your child for adoption. Connect with supportive loved ones, and remember you provided your child with a home and a safe, loving family. 

Resources Adoption Agencies Provide

  • Adoptive Parent Evaluation. Adoption agencies in Missouri examine their potential adoptive parents to determine if they’re eligible parents who match your qualifications. These adoption agencies employ professionals who examine their candidates’ financial, psychological, and emotional stability. You can rest easy knowing the adoptive family you selected for your child consists of wonderful parents.
  • Adoption Counseling. Adoption counseling is essential as it provides tools for managing post-adoption grief. The counselor will ask how your grief manifests and find healthy ways to express and confront it. Your adoption counselor may suggest different therapies or support groups to help you discuss your grief.
  • Adoption Planning. Adoption agencies near you provide you with control over the adoption plan, including post-adoption contact with your child. The adoption plan determines the level of contact and openness you have with your child and their adoptive family. You can decide how much information your child knows about you and how much you know about them.

Ways Adoption Agencies in Missouri Can Help You

Starting a family after placing a child for adoption can be difficult. However, you know that you deserve happiness. Missouri adoption agencies can provide the resources to meet your child again and explain why you chose adoption. Adoption agencies provide you with the tools to help you cope with any post-adoption pain and move forward with your life. It can be rewarding to see the families you created, yours, and the loving home you provided a child.

Adoption Choices of Missouri will answer your questions regarding the adoption process, adoption support, adoption planning, and birth planning. We are a licensed adoption agency specializing in finding and approving adoptive families, to care for your child’s wellbeing. Our agency provides you with financial support, housing, transportation, and psychological counseling for any post-adoption grief you may feel. If you need birth mother support, please contact our adoption agency and we’ll provide the necessary resources.

Adoption Choices of Missouri responderán sus preguntas sobre la adopción de bebes y le explicará el proceso. Nuestra agencia brinda apoyo emocional y financiero, así como atención médica, vivienda, transporte, alquiler, servicios públicos y asesoramiento psicológico. Somos una agencia de adopción privada autorizada que se especializa en encontrar padres calificados para su hijo. Adoption Choices of Missouri encuentran un hogar seguro y amoroso para su hijo.

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Adoption Grief vs. Depression: Understanding the Difference and When to Seek Help in Missouri 

Adoption Grief vs. Depression: Understanding the Difference and When to Seek Help in Missouri 

By Nicole Cunningham

Placing your child up for adoption in Missouri and going through your adoption plan, there are many emotions that follow you. Common emotions that come up with this are grief and depression. It is common for you to feel a wide range of different emotions, especially if adoption comes from an unplanned pregnancy. They are hard to understand sometimes. When you know you are doing your best for your child, these emotions can come as a surprise to some birth mothers.

We at Adoption Choices of Missouri want to help you navigate these emotions. We want you to understand why you are feeling this way and help you get support. Support from counseling could be needed from feeling powerful emotions like grief and depression.

Feelings of Grief After Your Adoption Journey

There is a difference between grief and depression. Everyone handles these emotions differently. It can be hard to tell the difference between the two. Grief can come in short moments and in longer moments, depending on the situation that triggers it. Grief is an emotion that is usually triggered by an event, like placing your child for adoption. Small things could trigger it. For example, seeing something that reminds you of what you have gone through or reminds you of your child. With support and time, these triggers can be reduced.

Wondering about what could have been can also lead to grief. It can decrease over time, but it doesn’t stop you from enjoying your life. It won’t always be easy for you to deal with. Having the right support system and help, you could have fewer episodes and be less likely to feel sadness.

Feelings of Depression After Your Adoption Journey

Grief is something that can come out of nowhere and be recurring. Depression is a little more different than that. Depression can be a more serious mental health issue, and it affects all of the different parts of your life. It can make everything seem like too much and become extremely overwhelming. It can make even doing the things you love seem like a burden or a chore. Symptoms of depression can include weight loss, insomnia, prolonged emptiness, and hopelessness. This can affect everyone differently and can present in everyone differently.

Trying to get rid of depression and wait it out does not always work. It can become more destructive than helpful. When depression sinks in, receiving professional help is most important. Adoption Choices of Missouri has professionals that birth mothers like you can reach out to and speak with. Counseling can always be beneficial. Your mental health is important to us, and we would love to help you get the support you may need.

Understanding Your Emotions Post-Adoption

Your mental health is a top priority for Adoption Choices of Missouri . We know that these dark emotions can be hard to talk about. It can be hard to admit that there is something wrong. We don’t want you to be afraid to talk about these emotions. We can get you the counseling that you need. Placing a child for adoption or adopcion de bebes is a difficult situation, and everyone handles it differently.

All birth mothers are able to receive counseling, whether it is one-on-one with a counselor or through a birth mother support group. It is good to talk to others about how you are feeling. A birth mother support group is a great way to talk about your feelings. These women have been through something similar to you. They know how you are feeling and understand those emotions.

If you are unsure about any of these, feel free to reach out to us. We can get you connected with a counselor who can address all of your concerns. Also, we can get you connected with a support group nearby. We can look for adoption agencies near me

When to Consider Receiving Help from a Professional During Your Adoption Process

Adoption Choices of Missouri understands the difficult situation you are going through. These emotions can accrue anytime during the adoption process, and they can become overwhelming. It is great to try to talk to someone in your support system if you can. If you need more support or professional help, our door is always open. Always feel like you can reach out to us with any concerns that you have and any and all feelings. It doesn’t just have to be feelings of depression and grief. We can assist you with the next steps to help you have better mental health.


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What If I Don’t Want Any Adoption Support?

What If I Don’t Want Any Adoption Support?

By Nicholas Rodinos

Every birth mother has their needs regarding counseling and support, some need it, and others don’t need any support. Counseling and support are not mandated. If you feel you do not require them, that is your decision. It’s fine if you feel you do not need support. However, there can be drawbacks to avoiding support. Adoption support and counseling are available even if you don’t want or need them.

Adoption Choices of Missouri will assist birth mothers worrying about unplanned pregnancies, whether it’s through counseling, financial support, or housing. We provide multiple forms of adoption support throughout Missouri for all types of birth mothers for free. Our staff of adoption professionals provides birth mothers with the incredible emotional support, compassion, and patience they need. Please contact one of our offices if you have questions about adoption support or creating an adoption plan.

Adoption Financial Support Is Here for You

If you are eligible, our adoption agencies provide financial support for birth mothers dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. This includes covering their rent, utilities, and medical expenses. This form of financial support can be vital for many birth mothers who can’t work while pregnant. Adoption agencies in Missouri can provide support if you are unable to work or cannot find work. This financial support will last one month after your baby’s birth, it may help in your time of need.

Adoption Medical Care

Part of adoption in Missouri, is the medical care provided, to ensure the health of you and your child. Our Missouri adoption agencies provide free pre- and post-natal care resources for multiple birth mothers in crisis. We check the blood pressure, heart rate, and diet of birth mothers to determine the health of their children. Our medical care is provided free of charge, to verify the health of birth mothers and their children.

Adoption Postnatal Care

While you may not want postnatal care from our adoption agency, it is vital that you receive post-natal care. Postnatal care checks your blood pressure and heart rate after giving birth to determine your health. Please seek some form of post-natal care even if it’s not from one of our adoption agencies. It’s important that you receive the necessary care to ensure your health and your happiness.

Adoption Housing Will Be Available

Many birth mothers need some form of housing, either due to abusive relationships, or wanting a judgment-free environment. Adoption agencies near you can provide safe, clean housing so that you have one less thing to worry about. Adoption agencies in Missouri also help birth mothers pay their rent and utilities, so they have less stress. Housing is a vital service we provide to birth mothers in need of shelter, security, privacy, and understanding.

You May Not Need Adoption Housing

You may not need housing; you may have your own house or apartment that you can live in. Maybe you have family, friends, or a significant other who can provide you with safe shelter. Missouri adoption agencies will still provide housing to birth mothers in crisis, even if they don’t need it. It’s great if you don’t need housing, adoption agencies only provide it for those who do.

Adoption Counseling Is Always Available

Some birth mothers don’t want or feel like seeking post-adoption counseling, but there can be risks to avoiding counseling. Adoption agencies near you still have counselors available who can listen if there’s anything you need to discuss. Missouri adoption counselors provide multiple forms of therapy to match your specific needs regarding post-adoption grief and guilt. If you need to combat your grief alone, that’s perfectly fine, it’s essential to cope in your way.

Adoption Grief

Many birth mothers who avoided counseling reported feelings of grief that negatively impacted their lives and ability to work. You may not feel guilty about your Missouri adoption, however, post-adoption grief can still affect and influence your life. Post-adoption grief can manifest randomly and interfere with your life, even if you feel at peace. If you begin to feel the effects of post-adoption grief, please don’t hesitate to contact our nearest adoption agency.

Missouri Adoption Agencies Are Here If You Need Them

The adoption process is different for every birth mother, some need plenty of support and others are less dependent. Our agency’s resources will still be available whether you need them, or some other birth mother needs them. Some resources are more vital than others and counseling is highly recommended if post-adoption grief manifests. We don’t wish to force this support onto you, we simply want to discuss its importance for birth mothers.

If you are seeking adoption information, please contact Adoption Choices of Missouri, and our agency will assist you. Adoption Choices of Missouri is a licensed adoption agency, dedicated to helping birth mothers in crisis across our state. We provide housing, financial assistance, pre- and post-natal care, transportation, rent, utilities, birth planning, adoption planning, and post-adoption counseling. Le ayudaremos con la adopción de bebés y podemos brindarle apoyo psicológico, financiero, alimentario, de transporte y de vivienda. Please contact one of our adoption agencies if you have questions or need immediate support.

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The Benefits of Adoption Counseling After Putting a Baby Up for Adoption in Missouri

The Benefits of Adoption Counseling After Putting a Baby Up for Adoption in Missouri

By Nicole Cunningham

Adoption is an emotionally difficult situation for most birth parents when they place their baby up for adoption, especially if it comes out of an unplanned pregnancy. Although you know you are doing the right thing, it does not always feel that way. For some birth parents, it can cause them anxiety and depression. There are feelings of guilt, grief, and sadness that can all come from placing your baby for adoption. Every situation is different, but that doesn’t take away from the pain that can still come from placing your baby up for adoption. Luckily for you, there are resources that you can use to help you through this process. Adoption Choices of Missouri can offer you counseling after you place your baby for adoption. 

What is Adoption Counseling? 

Adoption counseling is a service offered to birth parents who have already gone through the adoption process. You have placed your child for adoption and are on the other side of that process. This counseling can help educate families, especially birth mothers, about what to expect.

What is Covered in Adoption Counseling?

There are different topics that take place during the counseling session, such as the emotions you are experiencing. They will ask if you are grieving or feeling regretful. The counselors are concerned if you feel like you did the right thing by placing your child up for adoption. Or if you are feeling any kind of regret. They are trying to figure out exactly how you are feeling and if they need to express those feelings. After going through something as stressful as the adoption process, the counselors are going to try to figure out what direction to go in for the sessions.  

Adoption Counseling Benefits and Advantages 

For birth mothers, the benefits of adoption counseling will help you figure out the emotions you are experiencing and help you overcome them. 

  • You will be able to have all your questions about the process you experienced placing your child for adoption can be answered by Adoption Choices of Missouri
  • You can speak with the counselors about feelings of grief, depression, etc., and get professional help to heal those emotions.
  • You can speak with them about concerns you may have, such as the baby’s life and adoptive family.
  • Counselors are there to help guide you and show you what the steps of the post-adoption plan look like. 

Who Can Receive Adoption Counseling? 

Adoption counseling is for the birth parents involved in the adoption in Missouri process. The birth mother and the birth father can receive counseling if needed. For many adoptions, the birth mother tends to experience grief worse.

The counseling is there to support these parents who are involved and help them get to an emotionally sound position. Placing a child for adoption is never an easy situation to be involved in. It is the best situation for many families to help their child have a chance at a better life with their adoptive family. 

The Different Types of Adoption Counseling You May Be Unfamiliar With

There are different types of counseling sessions that you can get involved in: one-on-one, support groups, and birth mother retreats. 

One-on-one sessions are, as it sounds, sessions that are one-on-one with one of the counselors. They will be able to answer any questions that the birth mother or father may have. It is just between the two of them; therefore, you can ask them anything that you would like. They will be able to answer all the questions that you throw at them. 

Support groups are with other birth mothers who have been involved in the adoption process. These birth mothers have gone through the same process as you. Not all of the situations will be the same; every birth mother gives a child up for adoption for different reasons and situations. However, they will all be able to talk with one another about the experiences they are having and the emotions they are going through.

Birth mother retreats are for birth mothers only, and they are, as it sounds, similar to a vacation for birth mothers. They will go and experience the retreat with other birth mothers, try to find time to relax and talk with one another about the adoption process and how they are processing it. 

Why is it Important for Birth Parents to Experience Adoption Counseling? 

Adoption counseling can help birth parents talk about their emotions. Many birth parents have a hard time talking about their emotions, especially if those emotions are negative. This gives them the opportunity to express themselves without worrying about who is expressing those emotions too. It’s healthy to talk about their feelings and get them off their chests.

Adoption Choices of Missouri is here to help get birth parents connected with a counselor if they choose. Please feel free to reach out to us with any other questions if you are considering adoption for your baby


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I Gave My Baby Up for Adoption, Now What?

I Gave My Baby Up for Adoption, Now What?

By Nicole Hatton

Perhaps you’ve just made the decision to place your child up for adoption and created an adoption plan. Maybe you’re experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and want to learn more about the adoption process. Whatever the case, giving a child up for adoption is a major decision. As a birth parent, you may be wondering what you should do next or how to cope with your feelings. Post-adoption can be difficult for any birth parent. Whether you are young, single, or have a complicated relationship with the other parent, it’s valid to experience various emotions. If you’re considering adoption for your baby or want to learn more about the aftermath, here we will cover. . .

  1. Acknowledging Your Emotions After Choosing Adoption
  2. Coping With Your Adoption Journey and Letting Go of Your Baby
  3. Maintaining a Healthy Relationship With The Adoptive Family (If Open Adoption or Semi-Open Adoption Was Chosen)
  4. Personal Goals and Focusing on Yourself After the Adoption Process

Acknowledging Your Emotions After Choosing Adoption

It’s normal to feel a sense of grief, loss, confusion, regret, and more. Whatever emotions arise, don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed. It can be painful to bear with the thought of letting your baby go, and these feelings may stick with you. In order to find peace with your decision, it’s essential to come to terms with any and all emotions. If you do not accept or recognize your true emotions during the adoption process, you may struggle with larger problems in the future.

Give yourself the necessary time to reflect on your choice and consider if you want to reach out for more support. While addressing these feelings, remember that you made this decision out of love and the best interest of your child. Don’t let judgments or misconceptions from others who haven’t personally experienced adoption bring you down. Acknowledging your emotions earlier on would be beneficial to processing and healing.

Coping With Your Adoption Journey and Letting Go of Your Baby

There are a few things that you can do to look after your well-being and process things after adoption. Many adoption agencies, such as Adoption Choices of Missouri, have resources to support you. Adoption in Missouri can provide you with an adoption counselor who will work with you through the adoption process and discuss finances. They can also help you with understanding this decision and dealing with the loss of your child. This service is free and unlimited. However, not all American adoptions are the same, so be sure to double-check with the state you live in.

In addition to counseling, adoption agencies in Missouri will help you find birth mother support groups. You are never alone, and you can connect with other birth mothers to provide each other with support and encouragement. Each group will be different, but you can meet weekly or monthly, depending on what you all agree on. It can be comforting to find others who can relate to you and have that community who may share similar feelings. You can also share stories and talk more about your personal experiences to provide guidance and comfort. 

Another coping mechanism that you can use is journaling. Taking the time to reflect on everything can help you become more self-aware of your emotions and needs. There is no wrong way to go about journaling. Whatever makes you feel the best is the way that you should continue. Whether that is brain dumping, listing out things, doing a letter format, or something else, write whatever comes to mind. Journaling can help you gain clarity and de-stress by getting everything out on paper (unless you prefer a digital method).

Maintaining a Healthy Relationship With The Adoptive Family

If you choose to have an open or semi-open adoption, you can still stay connected with your child and the adoptive family. Having an ongoing relationship can provide you with reassurance and fulfillment for your child’s well-being. Having a healthy relationship with the adoptive family can help you develop a sense of trust as well. You can also ask questions as your child develops and grows older. If you would like to personally visit or talk with your adopted child, you can do so if you would like. If you feel more comfortable just talking to the parents and exchanging pictures, that is a nice option too. Whatever you decide will be up to you, but  Adoption Choices of Missouri will still be here for guidance and support.

Focusing on Yourself After the Adoption Process

After giving your child up for adoption, you may have more free time to focus on yourself. You can set personal goals, which could include studying for a degree, career exploration, or other hobbies and aspirations. You may have other responsibilities to take care of as well. Whatever your future endeavors may be, don’t forget that Adoption Choices of Missouri will still be there for you. No matter how long ago you went through with adoption, you won’t be alone.

Navigating and Adjusting to the Post-Adoption Process

Adoption is a decision that can be a lot to deal with and think about before, during, and after the process. Remember that you are not selfish for this decision or need the time to process everything. Feel free to take the necessary steps outlined in this article to help acknowledge and cope with your emotions. If you wish to stay involved with your child’s life, do so at a level that you feel comfortable with. It could also be a good idea to focus on other activities that you enjoy in your personal life or other goals.

Even if quite some time has passed after your adoption process, resources will still be available to you from adoption agencies in Missouri. Whatever you decide to do that feels best, know that you’re supported by Adoption Choices of Missouri and/or your own personal network.

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Should I Feel Guilty About Placing My Baby for Adoption, Is Something Wrong With Me in Missouri? 

Should I Feel Guilty About Placing My Baby for Adoption, Is Something Wrong With Me in Missouri? 

By Nicole Cunningham

When placing your baby for adoption in Missouri, it can cause you, the birth mother, and the birth father to have many different kinds of mixed emotions. Many parents will go through a range of emotions when they think about considering adoption for your baby or when they go through the adoption process. Adoption is a difficult journey for parents to have to go through. It can be daunting at times. Parents all deal with adoption in their own ways. Adoption Choices of Missouri can have a licensed professional answer any questions you may have about the adoption process.

Expected Feelings When Choosing Adoption

Placing your baby for adoption and deciding to create an adoption plan is one of the hardest decisions that a parent can make. This choice doesn’t come easy, no matter what situation they are in. The emotions that can come along with that life-changing choice can lead to feelings of guilt, sadness, and grief. The feeling of losing a child can be hard and difficult to deal with for some. These are more common emotions for parents to be feeling.

Many feel guilty for placing their baby for adoption because it is a situation that not many plans for. These guilty feelings can come from an unplanned pregnancy. The parents feel that adoption is the best choice for their baby to have a better chance for a successful life. Even though they know they are doing what is best for their situation, it doesn’t suppress the feeling of guilt they experience for placing their baby for adoption.

Sadness and grief are stronger emotions that parents can feel after giving a child up for adoption

These feelings can also lead to depression. Some allow these feelings to take over, and it can overwhelm them. They are experiencing a loss that is hard for them to deal with, and even though they know what they are doing for their baby is the right thing to do, the sadness and grief can still become too much.

Feelings of Happiness, Relief, or a Sense of Empowerment When Choosing Adoption 

However, there are many parents who are on the other side of the spectrum with their emotions. There are plenty of parents who experience happiness, relief, or a sense of empowerment from placing their baby for adoption. Parents feel happiness or relief because they know what they did was the right thing to do. They knew that when they placed their baby for adoption through Adoption Choices of Missouri, it was going to help provide their child with the possibility of having a better life. Some also feel a sense of empowerment. They did exactly what they needed to do, and they know that decision was the best one. They feel empowered that their choices were successful and that their child will be with a family that can provide their child with a life that they cannot.

Absent Feelings Don’t Mean Something is Wrong with You When Choosing Adoption

There are more parents who don’t speak up about not feeling bad about choosing adoption for their child, and they should be able to talk about it. There is nothing wrong with not feeling sad or having a range of different emotions. It’s normal for you to feel exactly what it is that you are feeling. Those feelings are still valid and accepted. Adoption is challenging for all parents, and everyone deals with and processes it differently, and that is perfectly okay.

Exploring Emotions or Seeking Support for Your Adoption Journey

We know that this journey is emotionally unique; it is different from anything that you have had to deal with before. We understand just how hard it can be for you to go through it. Adoption Choices of Missouri would like to do the best we can to support you on this emotional journey. Keep exploring the emotions you are feeling, and if you need to talk to someone, we can get you a professional to help you process them. It is perfectly okay to express your emotions and not be afraid to talk to someone.

Adoption Choices of Missouri is here to help support you in any way that you need help. If you just have questions about how to go about the adoption process, they can help with emotional support and educational information. Please feel free to reach out to one of our professionals.

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Understanding Why Birth Mothers Choose Adoption

Understanding Why Birth Mothers Choose Adoption

By Nicole Hatton

Giving a child up for adoption is an important decision for both the birth mother and child. There are numerous factors to think about such as choosing an adoption plan, considering different adoption options, and more. These factors can make the decision to choose adoption difficult, but every birth mother embarks on their own adoption journey. You may have similar or different reasons for considering adoption for your baby than someone else. Regardless of your background or motivations, it’s crucial to remember that choosing adoption is a selfless and caring decision.

Reasons why birth mothers place their babies up for adoption.

Financial Support and Stability For Your Child

You may not feel prepared financially to provide for your child’s needs. This can be due to a variety of circumstances, such as being single, your living situation, or the type of job you have. You may also fear that you won’t be able to give your child enough attention due to your work schedule. Combining this with the financial stress of paying for their food, school, toys, and other necessities can be very overwhelming. Placing your baby up for adoption can open up greater access to resources and opportunities that you may struggle to pay for. It may be in the best interest of your child. It’s also important to note that choosing adoption is an option that’s free for birth mothers.

If you feel unprepared to give your child a stable environment, adoption agencies such as Adoption Choices of Missouri can help with that. When choosing adoption in Missouri, you may be able to receive financial support during your pregnancy. American adoptions can vary depending on which state you live in, but in Kansas and Missouri, you can work with an adoption counselor on this. Your adoption counselor can discuss paying for rent, transportation, groceries, and more after understanding your situation and stage of pregnancy. They will work with you throughout the adoption process.

Unplanned Pregnancy

If you experience an unplanned pregnancy, then adoption could be your best option, considering your current circumstances. You can also do a last-minute hospital adoption if you’re in labor or your baby is already born. Adoption agencies in Missouri will support you if you want to do a drop-in adoption. It’s not too late to choose adoption after an unplanned pregnancy. Any birth mother can experience an unexpected pregnancy no matter the age or background. Although there are teenagers who go through this, that does not mean that most or all birth mothers are teenagers. Even if you are pregnant at a young age, birth mothers undergo unplanned pregnancies under situations unique to them. 

Relationship Status With the Birth Father

At the time of delivering birth, you may not be in a stable or supportive relationship with the birth father. There may be relationship challenges that you do not want to inflict upon your child. However, birth mothers can be single, dating, married, divorced, or be in other situations. For others, they may choose adoption after falling victim to sexual assault. Additionally, it can be difficult to care for your baby by yourself or rely solely on your friends and family. You can experience a lack of income source and stress from not having another person to look after the baby. When considering your future family plans, you also may prefer to raise your child in a two-parent household which could be easier.

Personal or Educational Aspirations After the Adoption Process

You may not be as available as you would like to be for your child due to personal, educational, or career-related goals. Perhaps you want to travel or predict that you won’t be home too often. Maybe you are tied up with studying and have a full schedule. You may feel that parenting could limit your opportunities to pursue these endeavors. Additionally, it could be bad timing after receiving news that you are pregnant. Sometimes, circumstances and plans change, which could influence birth mothers to have second thoughts.

What are Your Adoption Options

If you’re pregnant and do not wish to parent, you might opt for adoption over having an abortion. There are three different adoption options that you can choose which are: open, semi-open, or closed adoption. For some birth mothers, cultural or religious factors may play a role in this decision. It can also be difficult emotionally to terminate the baby after developing a relationship with them during pregnancy. Birth mothers may choose to avoid terminating the pregnancy to avoid emotional distress. 

Fulfilling Someone Else’s Dream Of Becoming A Parent

When you give your baby up for adoption, you are giving another family a wonderful gift. Some families cannot have children of their own. Additionally, some women may have concerns about their ability to deliver a baby again in the future. At Adoption Choices of Missouri, you can check out what waiting families are ready to adopt as well. 

Fostering Respect and Understanding For Birth Mothers

Now that you have better knowledge on why birth mothers choose adoption, it’s also important to shed light on their emotional journeys. Although every birth mother is on their own unique journey, it’s normal to have feelings of grief and loss. Making the decision to place your baby up for adoption takes courage and resilience. It can be difficult battling between the thought of being a parent or deciding not to take care of your child. Relinquishing your role as the primary caregiver and adjusting to life without the baby you nurtured can be a lot to process. It’s a decision that shows how loving and caring you are. Take the time you need to process your emotions, and don’t hesitate to reach out to Adoption Choices of Missouri

Know that you are never alone. Even if you do not have a strong support network in your personal life, Adoption Choices of Missouri is here to support you every step of the way. Whether you need guidance before, during, and/or after, you will have the assistance you need.